Founded: 2007, by Hans Abbink and Peet van Tooren
Managing Director: Hans Abbink
Location: Rotterdam (The Netherlands)


About: Communication, cooperation and negotiation between the key elements of logistical systems (people, shipments and resources), are the keys to the success of the DEAL approach. DEAL’s distributed engine for advanced logistics facilitates and enables self-organization in logistical operations, so that the people can focus on the value-add of increasing service level and last-minute flexibility while improving or preserving efficiency.

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We at Almende Investments believe that ICT is most valuable when it is used to offer people the opportunity to organize their activities for themselves. Thus we have brought together several companies which are orientated around the concept of self-organization. All these companies use ICT – for instance agent technology or self-learning software – to aid people in organizing their own networks, and thus their own lives.