News2 test  post 2016

News2 test post 2016

1. Need Ideas
Almende Investments is an independent investment company with a track record:
“We grow young, innovative and fast growing ICT companies with a focus on aiding employees in organizing their own networks.”
Business Focus
Management and ICT should facilitate employees, not inspect, regulate and control them. Almende envisions new forms of organization which better realize the potential of people. ICT and technology should be used to help people perform their work.This focus is called self-organization.
Almende Investments has many years of experience in growing startups. Therefore we are now able to quickly spot the high potentials. We know just which powerful set of criteria to use, to select the best of companies we invest in.
The investment is a partnership, whereby the management and the investor together move the company forward into the next phase. We are hands-on in sharing our business, technical and financial experience with management teams. We also use our Almende Investments network.
Almende Investments is very strong in providing companies the latest research knowledge, experience and technology from the unique combination of high tech businesses in the Almende Investments network.
Geographical Focus
Our equity investments have a geographical focus on the Netherlands. Although investment opportunities in surrounding countries will be considered.
Contact Us
Enjoy the exitement of being part of a startup, and contact us!

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